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Virtual Dating and Tour to Tokyo, Bali, and Bangkok

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2 hours 15 min

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Specific Tour

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We will visit Tokyo, Bali, and Bangkok with our professional tour guide, Chatchai, Akie, and Andra. We stay in each city for around 30min.


Virtual Tour to Bali: Beautiful Beaches


Virtual Tour to Tokyo: Dynamic City


Virtual Tour to Bangkok: Stunning Temples

During the trips, they will share with us their culture and history. They will also give us interesting quizzes. The winner will receive a prize from our tour guides.

After visiting each city, we will pair you up with your date in a breakout room to chat with your potential partner. The chat in the breakout room will last 15min. After the chat, we will travel to a new city until the event ends.

Your date will be arranged according to your interests and requirement. We will contact you ( after booking.

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Bali Tour
Bali Tour

1. 21:00-21:30 (ET) 10:00-10:30(Bali)

Our tour guide: Andra

"Hi, I am Andra from Bali, Indonesia, a full-time adventurer, and travel photographer."

In Bali, Andra will take you to Seminyak and Melasti beach (visit both locations if time allows)

(1). Seminyak beach

It locates in the south of Bali, with a famous umbrella bar. It is a gorgeous sunset spot. Our tour guide, Andra, will introduce you to the lifestyle of the local people.

(2). Melasti beach

Melasti means ceremony for the Balinese to make themselves holy. It is a hidden beach with crystal clear water. Andra will introduce you to the culture and history of this place.

(3) Break time: 15min, Chat in break-out rooms

Tokyo Tour
Tokyo Tour

2. 21:45-22:15 (ET) 11:45-12:15(Tokyo)

Our tour guide: Akie

In Tokyo, Akie will take you to Shibuya crossing, Hachi-ko, Center Gai street, and a Japanese pub(Only for night time), introducing you to the histories and stories of these attractions. We will have a discussion and quizzes during the trip.

(1). Shibuya crossing

(2) Hachi-ko

(3) Center Gai street

(3) Break time: 15min, Chat in the breakout room


3. 22:30-23:00 (New York) 10:30-11:00 (Bangkok)

Our tour guide: Chatchai

"Sa-Wass-Dee 🙏

I'm Chatchai from Thailand. I'm a friendly local guide who'd love to share about local culture."

(1). We visit a lovely all-night flower market in the Rattanakosin area in Bangkok

(2). We travel to Wat Pho, a Buddhist temple complex on Rattanakosin Island. You can learn a brief history of Thailand and a story of Buddhism in the country, and get a chance to know more from the discussion.

The view of Wat Arun (Temple of Dawn)

(3). Breaktime: 15min, Chat in break out room for virtual dating.

Announce winners

End: 23:15 (NY)


  • 1.Dating in breakout rooms
  • 2.Quizzes during the tours for winning prizes

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