Bali, Indonesia

One of Indonesia’s 33 administrative regions is an island in the Lesser Sunda Islands east of Java, with an area of more than 5560 square kilometers and a population of about 2.8 million.

Umbrella bar on Seminyak beach

Seminyak Beach is one of the most beautiful places in Bali (https://tourlit.com/product/virtual-tour-to-tokyo-bali-and-bangkok/). It is located on the west coast of southern Bali, north of Kuta Beach. Seminyak is second to none among the many beaches on the west coast. Many luxurious accommodations, restaurants, nightclubs, and bars are here. It makes Seminyak Beach a vibrant place. Seminyak Beach also has many creative shops and galleries, as well as exquisite craft/furniture shops.

While sitting on the lazy sofas of your home, you can watch the sunset, listening to the music of the resident singing manual, the tide fades, watching the tourists riding horses, walking, and playing football on the beach. The beauty of the sunset, the sea, and the sky, is unique.

Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok is a first-tier city in the world. As the capital and largest city of Thailand, Bangkok is known as the “City of Angels”. The city is the heart of Thailand’s politics, economy, trade, transportation, culture, technology, education, and religion.

Located on the east bank of the Chao Phraya River, Bangkok is known as the “Buddhist Capital”. The city integrates Eastern and Western cultures.

Reclining Buddha
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Wat Pho is the oldest temple in Bangkok and the largest temple in Thailand. It is also called “Temple of the Reclining Buddha”. The majestic Buddha body with golden light in the temple also looks quite domineering.
The temple was established in 1788 and has a history of more than 230 years. The current appearance was rebuilt after the time of King Rama III.

In addition to the largest golden reclining Buddha, many Buddha statues and pagodas are in the temple. It also has the title of “Temple of Ten Thousand Buddhas”. The incense in the temple is prosperous, whether it is locals or tourists, a lot of people come to worship and make pilgrimages every day.


London, England

The Romans established this city on the land two thousand years ago. Now London has become one of the most important political, economic, cultural, and artistic centers in the world, and different races, religions, and cultures blend here to form London.

London is full of personality: restrained, reserved, and avant-garde. The seemingly contradictory qualities are intertwined and inadvertently made London’s unique temperament. More than 300 museums and galleries, more than 400 music scenes immerse people in the labyrinth of art; countless churches engage people in religious solemnity and mystery; Cuisines and bars from various countries attract people with fantastic food experience.

London Eye

The “Mist City” has long been gone due to various environmental protection measures. Even if it is rainy, fashionable men and women on the streets will make London look dazzling. Unconventional buildings, such as the London Eye and the London Olympics venue, show the new face of modern London.

Every day in London is a surprise.


Cairo, Egypt

Greater Cairo is majestic and spectacular. It is the political, economic, and commercial center of the entire Middle East. It is the largest city in Egypt and the Arab world, and one of the oldest cities in the world. A large number of European-style buildings were built in the early 20th century in the west of Cairo, while the east of the city is dominated by ancient Arab buildings.

Nile river

In Cairo, minarets can be seen everywhere. In minarets, Muezzins call people to pray. Since the 7th century AD, with the widespread of Islam in West Asia and Africa, the architectural art of mosques has continued to develop, and minarets have also evolved into various styles, becoming an indispensable part of mosque architecture and the city of Cairo. There are 3 ancient districts outside the westernized city center. The largest is Fatimid City, which contains most of the historical sights of Cairo, such as the Shibors I Mosque and Sardinburg between the old city and the banks of the Nile.

Grand Mosque

On the banks of the Nile are the National Library, the Museum of Islamic Art, and the Abu Dinh Palace Museum. A large tomb area locates on the east side of the metropolitan area, known as the City of the Dead.

Because of the different formation periods, their architectural styles are very different. The oldest area has 2 to 4 floors of brick and ash wood structure buildings; the 19th-century area was influenced by the Western culture at that time with richly decorated European-style stone buildings. Sakakini Palace is the most famous among them.

In the west and north of the city are high-rise residential buildings and low-rise villas with walls and gardens. In the southwest of the city are the pyramids and the Sphinx, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.

Sphinx, Egypt
Pyramid, Egypt


Tokyo, Japan

As the capital of Japan, Tokyo has many characteristics of an international metropolis. It is fashionable and prosperous, but does not lose its charming tradition; it is a world-class commercial and financial center and a leader of Asian fashion trends. With the warm and friendly izakaya deep in the alleys, the Shitamachi area of Tokyo is full of a traditional atmosphere. The integration of animation, high-tech, and cultures of various countries has added a more diverse and inclusive color to Tokyo.

Paper Umbrellas

Tokyo has Ginza, world-renowned stores, Disney full of fantasy, Ueno Park full of cherry blossoms, Shinjuku that never sleeps, Asakusa that retains the essence of traditional Japanese culture, Shibuya, the birthplace of young trendy culture, and futurism, the stylish Odaiba, parks, and green spaces with natural scenery and history. When the weather is good, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of Mount Fuji

Cherry Blossum
Asakusa Temple

Tokyo is a colorful city; everyone can find their favorite in it.


Paris, France

Paris, the historical and cultural city, is known as the capital of flowers, the city of light, romance, fashion, and food. Maybe you just want to go shopping on Avenue Montaigne, maybe you just want to take a walk by the Seine, maybe you just want to go to the Michelin restaurant to taste French cuisine, maybe you just want to go to the left bank for coffee, maybe you just want to go to the Louvre to see the smile of Mona Lisa… Maybe only Paris in this world can satisfy everyone.

Paris Night Scene

From the earliest river island to the right bank of the Seine River, Paris has undergone several expansions. Today, Paris has been divided into “Little Paris” and “Great Paris”; Little Paris means 20 downtown areas of ​​Paris. Little Paris has relatively concentrated attractions, so walking is a good choice. The attractions of little Paris include the Eiffel Tower, Louvre, Notre Dame Cathedral. Greater Paris is the Île-de-France composed of Little Paris and the surrounding 7 suburban provinces. Many worth visiting places include the Palace of Versailles, Fontainebleau, and Disneyland.

Notre Dame Cathedral

Backpackers were once concentrated in the Opera district. With the gradual increase in land prices in Paris, tourists of all levels have spread all over Paris, and the Left Bank and Montmartre have become new favorites. Developed and convenient public transportation is the choice of travel, while cycling or walking is also a very good idea.

Louvre Glass Pyramid


Rome, Italy

As the capital of Italy. Rome is the national political, economic, cultural, and transportation center. It is a world-famous historical and cultural city and the birthplace of the ancient Roman Empire. It is the “Eternal City” because of the long history of construction.

Bridge Of Angels
Colosseum Rome

Located in the middle western part of the Italian peninsula, the city center covers more than 1,200 square kilometers. Rome is the center of the Catholic Church with more than 900 churches and monasteries, 7 Catholic universities. The Vatican in the city is the residence of the Catholic Pope and Holy See. Rome and Florence are both the center of the Italian Renaissance and one of the few cities that were not affected by the Second World War. Rome has a rich Renaissance and Baroque style. In 1980, Rome was listed as a world cultural heritage.

Vatican Basilica Dome

In the eyes of Italians, Rome is not only the capital of Italy but also has the glory of the Roman Empire and the Renaissance. Top artists of all ages have devoted their efforts to the city uninterruptedly, and countless movie clips have made the entire city a legend. From the ruins of the arena to the cathedral and the Pantheon, the city perfectly combines solemnity and romance.

Trevi Fountain


Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona is located in the northeastern part of the Iberian Peninsula, bordering the Mediterranean. It is the second-largest city in Spain, the capital of the Autonomous Region of Catalonia, and the capital of the Province of Barcelona. Barcelona has hosted the 25th Olympic Games in 1992, and two World Expos in 1888 and 1929.

Barcelona City

In the history of Spain, Barcelona is older than Madrid. In most of the history of Spain, it is a more important city than Madrid. Madrid is the capital of Spain, while Barcelona is the territory of Barcelona’s powerful earls. Barcelona became the capital of the United Kingdom of Catalonia and Aragon in 1137 and has since become an extremely wealthy and prominent city. At the beginning of the 15th century, Barcelona and its jurisdiction were merged into the Spanish country. Since then, there has been fierce competition between Madrid and Barcelona.

Sagrada Familia Cathedral

As the country’s top seaport, commercial center, and industrial city, Barcelona has become increasingly prosperous. Barcelona was also the birthplace of Catalan culture. It was the first European city to publish newspapers. It has universities such as the Mission University and the Catalan Medical School. The city has many museums: the Catalan Art Museum, the Picasso Museum, the History Museum, and the Natural Museum. In addition, the Barcelona International Music Festival held every October is a grand event in the music industry.

Football Stadium

Barcelona has both towering mountains, blue seas, and skies, which are popular with tourists from all over the world. The cultural heritage of medieval Europe and the fashion charm of the new era are perfectly combined here. Gaudí’s architectural world gave her a strong artistic atmosphere, and the Olympic Games showed her vibrant side.

Arc De Triomphe Barcelona

Maybe you are here to see Antonio Gaudí’s century-old masterpiece-Sagrada Familia, maybe you are here to find the traces of Picasso’s childhood life, maybe you are here to worship the home stadium of Cosmos Barcelona-Camp Nou, Or you just want to lie lazily on the beach and soak up the bright Mediterranean sun. In any case, this city has countless reasons for you to fall for it and linger.



New York City, USA

New York is the financial and economic center of the world, the largest port in the United States, and the largest and most populous city. It is also a globalized metropolis that directly affects the global media, politics, education, entertainment, and fashion industries.

Night Cityscape

New York has many world-class museums, galleries, and performing arts competition venues; it is a concentrated place of major fashion brands; it has a diversified and rich cuisine, and is a holy place to experience the culture, entertainment, shopping, and food.

World Trade Center

Attractions include the Statue of Liberty in New York, the Empire State Building, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Central Park, and Times Square in New York; the boutiques on both sides of Madison Avenue and Fifth Avenue are the shopping centers for tourists; entertainment is the Broadway musical And the elegant art of Lincoln Cente.

New York City Manhattan


Beijing, China

Beijing is a national historical and cultural city with a history of three thousand years. Beijing was the capital of five Dynasties of the last 800 years. since the Liao Dynasty, many magnificent architectures have been built, making Beijing with the largest number of imperial palaces, gardens, temples, and tombs in China. Among them, the Forbidden City was originally the imperial palace of the Ming and Qing dynasties. 24 emperors lived here. The magnificent architecture perfectly embodies the traditional Chinese classical and oriental style. It is the largest surviving palace and the precious cultural heritage of the world.

Peking Forbidden City

The Temple of Heaven is famous for its reasonable layout and exquisite construction. It is the place where the emperors of the Ming and Qing dynasties “sacrifice to the sky” and “pray for the valley”.

Temple of Heaven

The Summer Palace is the most famous imperial garden in China.

Summer Palace

The Ming Tombs are the largest royal tomb complex in Beijing with the tombs of 13 emperors in the Ming Dynasty.

Ming Tombs

Beijing’s cultural life is rich and colorful, with various types of performances and international exhibitions. Peking opera is known as the “quintessence of China” and has a history of more than two hundred years. The gorgeous costumes, beautiful singing voice, and ever-changing facial makeup are impressive. Traditional Peking opera performs in the famous Chang’an Grand Theater, Huguang Guild Hall, Lao She Tea House, China Peking Opera Theater, Mei Lanfang Grand Theater, and China National Grand Theater.

Beijing Opera

Beijing’s nightlife is also rich and colorful. Houhai, Sanlitun, and Nanluoguxiang bar streets are good places to visit.